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Guidance instructions on how to handle damaged, vandalized or looted drugs prior to sending to NPR for proper disposal.

  • When possible, secure and quarantine all drugs for assessment.

  • Drugs damaged by fire or water: If there was a fire in the pharmacy and drugs were exposed to high temperatures or water damage, they are considered adulterated and should be quarantined for proper disposal prior to sending to NPR.

  • Drugs accessed by unauthorized individuals: If there is evidence that unauthorized people were in the drug storage area, consideration should be given to determine if the drugs that are not in sealed manufacturer containers are considered adulterated. If so, they should be quarantined for proper disposal prior to sending to NPR.

  • Before destroying any adulterated drugs, check with local law enforcement, the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA), and your business insurance provider to determine if any of the drugs need to be examined as evidence.

  • National Pharmaceutical Returns, Inc. is the first Reverse Distributor in the country to be operating in compliance with EPA Subpart P!

    Effective 8/21/2019, Iowa became one of the first states in the country to implement 40 CFR Part 266, Subpart P.  There are many facets to Subpart P.  Let NPR walk you through the process so your facility is in compliance.  NPR sponsors a free educational webinar on EPA Subpart P Compliance.  NPR is pleased to be working with PharmWaste Technologies in sponsoring live nationwide webinars on Subpart P compliance.

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    Information on the next DEA take back event will appear here when it becomes available.

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From a small family-owned pharmacy to large healthcare facilities, we help you handle your inventory, process returns and get the credits back to you.

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Let National Pharmaceutical Returns handle the arduous and complicated task of fulfilling your returns. Returns are our sweet spot and we’re very good at it.

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We specialize in helping wholesale operations and can handle all the pharmaceutical returns that come back to your distribution center.

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NPR Customer Promise

We promise to provide the highest quality of customer service at the most reasonable rate available in the reverse distribution industry. We strive to ensure that our customers are completely satisfied with our performance both during and after the service, bringing our commitment and integrity to your bottom line.

  • Over last 25 years, NPR has evolved into one of the nation’s premier return goods companies
  • Strong relationships with wholesalers and manufacturers, maximizing the customer ROI
  • NPR is fully compliant with all applicable regulatory agencies
  • NPR is licensed by the DEA to accept and process Schedule I-V products

Our Customers

  • "A big thank you to NPR for going the extra mile for my pharmacy. Every time I call with a question on a product, their team gets to work finding the answer to my question. I am very pleased with the level of service so far and help in getting my account set up. I’m getting ready to send in my first shipment and I’m excited about working with you! Everyone has been so nice and helpful. Thank you!"

    Shari, Pharmacy Customer
  • "A customer faxed some old returns from a competitor and we were able to show her that her refund had been eaten up by exorbitant fees. She stated that our superior service and caring were the reasons she’d switched over to us. "

    Christine, Pharmacy Manager
  • "Thank you so much for all the caring customer service. You’re doing a great job of helping me streamline our business and always going the extra mile for us. "

    John, Medical Clinic Manager
  • "Thank you so much for the quick response. I appreciate the accommodations NPR offers, if only all companies were this accommodating. "

    Bernie, Pharmacy Manager