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Client Testimonials

Note from a new customer:

A big thank you to NPR for going the extra mile for my pharmacy. Every time I call with a question on a product, their team gets to work finding the answer to my question. I am very pleased with the level of service so far and help in getting my account set up. I’m getting ready to send in my first shipment and I’m excited about working with you! Everyone has been so nice and helpful. Thank you!

– From Shari, Pharmacy customer

Phone call from a long-term customer:

Thank you so much for all the caring customer service. You’re doing a great job of helping me streamline our business and always going the extra mile for us.

– From John, Medical Clinic manager

Phone call from a loyal customer:

A pharmacy manager called in with a question on a current product and several odd products that he didn’t know if he could return. He appreciates the “extra work” that we do to research his returns and get him a refund for everything we can. He also remarked that he gets contacted 3-4 times a week to switch pharmacy return companies and that he is very satisfied with our service and does not want to switch.

– From Jim, large pharmacy owner

Phone call from an old “new” customer:

A representative from an inactive account called and asked if he could still use our service. We updated all his information over the phone and verified that he was still active in our system and could pick up using our service again any time. He admitted that he had started using one of our competitors but was not happy with the service and was switching back to us. We got up to date on a small billing issue that we had with him and he was completely happy to be back in a business relationship with NPR.

– From Mohammed, a small apothecary owner

Phone call from long-time customer:

On a routine call to follow up with our customer, she expressed sincere thanks for our customer service and how we made the process easy, especially on her busy days!

– From Jane, small pharmacy owner

Email from a vendor:

Pharma company rep called twice in one day to confirm some information and complimented our customer service team, who worked together to find the answer he was looking for.

– From Dave, large pharma company rep

Helping a customer with a return from another company:

A customer faxed some old returns from a competitor and we were able to show her that her refund had been eaten up by exorbitant fees. She stated that our superior service and caring were the reasons she’d switched over to us.

- From Christine, pharmacy manager

Helping a customer with a updating their licenses:

Ned called in from this pharmacy and said he’d tried a few other return companies for comparison. He decided to stick with our company because he liked the “personal level of service” he received and because our return process was very “straightforward and easy to comprehend.”

– From Ned, pharmacy manager