Don’t Miss Eligibility for Return Credit

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Don’t Miss Eligibility for Return Credit

There are a lot of responsibilities that come along with working in a facility that deals with pharmaceutical care and distribution. After a long day, the expired products on the shelves can be easily forgotten. These planning tips will help to avoid missing out on the manufacturer return window, allowing you to collect the maximum credit value.

Tip 1: Set up Routine Return Schedules

When working with returns you will most likely be dealing with multiple manufacturers. The eligibility timeframes may differ from one manufacturer to the next. While many manufacturers will accept expired pharmaceuticals up to a year past its date, some will only accept something 6 months past or even sooner. Setting up a routine return schedule of every three to six months will minimize the amount of drugs not returnable for credit due to dating restrictions. Setting a schedule to keep track of expired returns will help to keep a regular routine. Setting up reminders at regular intervals will make returning on time second nature.

Tip 2: Rotate Stock

When stocking shelves, place the recently received drugs behind your current stock. This will insure the drugs with the soonest expiration dates are dispensed first.

Tip 3: Do not break down unit dose packaging

Some manufacturers require the entire unit dose packaging to be intact and sealed in order to receive credit. Breaking the unit dose down into individual packages may seem to be a time saving measure, but may affect negatively affect the eligibility of return.

Tip 4: Review Non-Returnable Report from Reverse Distributor

A careful evaluation of the amounts and types of drug waste can uncover ways of waste minimization. Carefully review the reasons why a product was not returnable for credit. Can steps be taken to prevent further wastage? Are alternative generic manufacturers available with better returns policies?

Tip 5: Seek a Professional

Find a reverse distribution company that you like and trust. Generally, it is very difficult for a facility to do all of their own pharmaceutical returns. Between keeping policies in order and other day to day responsibilities most places don't have someone who can allocate all of their time to working on returns. Logistical problems and keeping up with records can cause a negative impact in your entire business. Reverse Distributors accomplish the vital tasks of pharmaceutical returns efficiently and safely.

National Pharmaceutical Returns

Don’t leave money on the shelf. Expired products can be returned for credit, make sure you are getting as much as you can back. Our reverse distribution company can help to navigate you through the entire return process and help your facility to get the most out of your expired and unused products.

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