Choosing A Reverse Distributor

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Choosing A Reverse Distributor

When it comes to finding a reverse distributor for your facility, making a decision can be a confusing task. Unless you know what qualities to consider, it can be difficult to weigh your options. Consider these areas of focus when choosing the best Reverse Distributor for your company.


When faced with a decision it is always a good idea to have some knowledge of the topic before completely diving in. Knowing what to expect as you begin your search for a good reverse distributor can make the process much smoother. You will have a better idea of what exactly you will need from them and you can ask questions that will yield the best results for your business.

What Is Included

One of the first steps when reaching out to reverse distributors is to ask for a quote. There will be a fee for their services and this is the time to ask a lot of questions about what all is included in that fee. Different distributors have various policies on what is included when they hand you a quote for their service and if there are add-on fees for their full support it is important to know this up front. Shipping costs, disposal, processing fees or shipping material might be additional. If this is cleared up right away, you have a better idea of what this service will cost in full.


A crucial aspect of the pharmaceutical return industry is the reporting. When going through the process of finding the right return company to work with, it is important to discuss the reports that they provide to their clients. You should always look for reports that provide a complete overview on pharmaceutical returns. There is much more to reports than recording which products were returnable and non-returnable.

The Process

The process may seem straightforward, but a lot goes into managing the pharmaceutical returns of a facility. Each company will have their own way of evaluating and collecting payments. Ask what their processes are for a typical client, collecting, tracking, and gathering the manufacturer credit. If you have any concerns this would be the time to ask about their procedures.


Reverse Distributors build relationships with manufacturers and wholesalers that they often work with. Asking about their relationships or partnerships can provide a lot of information. Of course, your goal is to get the maximum amount of credits possible. If you’re working with a pharmaceutical return company that has a well-established history with these partners, they will be more successful when advocating on their client’s behalf.

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