Ways You Could Be Losing Return Credit Value

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Ways You Could Be Losing Return Credit Value

Make sure you are not making decisions that could warrant your returnable pharmaceutical returns to be non-returnable. Manufacturers can be picky on what they take back for credit. The easiest way to save your facility money every year on pharmaceutical returns is by following these guidelines.

Condensing the same or different medication into one container

Sure, it may save some shelf space but by overfilling a container or moving products out of their original bottle manufacturers may not credit them.

Organizing Stock

It's very easy for products to get pushed to the back of a shelf and become forgotten. Keep an accurate idea of your inventory and their expiration dates.

Defacing Labels

If the expiration date, NDC number or lot number are illegible they could be rejected for credit. Beware when adding stickers, writing on, and handling the labels. A good practice when you must mark a bottle is to do so on just the lid. It is easy to see and will not cover any of the information needed to process your returns.

Opening supplies before distribution

Some manufacturers only credit you for the medication that is still intact. Even if all the product is inside this may dock you credit. The same can go for boxes of products such as vials. Loose product will not be credited. Try not to prepare too many materials before they are needed. Syringes and IV bags are a fitting example of wasted supplies when too many are prepared.

Sending Expired Medications Late

Depending on manufacturer policies pharmaceuticals that are returned passed their deadline will not be counted for credit. Make sure you are allowing plenty of time before the eligibility window closes.

Reviewing Your Report

The best way to learn and adapt to get the most out of your pharmaceutical return process is to make changes based on your non-returnable reports. Review to see if there is anything you can do to increase the amount of returnable profit and decrease the amount of waste in your facility.

Let Us Help

Reverse distributors such as National Pharmaceutical Returns have trained staff members to help you get the most out of the return process. Call us at (800)470-7725 for further questions or inquiries.

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