Drug Stores and Retailers

NPR is the premier pharmaceutical returns company in the nation. Using our simple online process, we facilitate returns to manufacturers and wholesalers for manufacturer credits and receive products that must be securely destroyed.

If your pharmacy operation includes more than one physical location, our online system will help you manage data for each location and give you an overview of your entire operation.

We accept the following pharmaceuticals:**

  • Schedule II (CIIs)
  • Schedule III-V (CIII-CVs)
  • Non-controlled pharmaceuticals (med-surg products, over-the-counter, Rx, HBCs, hazardous consumer commodities)

  • We accept recalls, repacks, full and partially filled containers and packages.**


Shipping labels can be requested from our website and mailed to you 24-7.

**NPR does not guarantee credit will be issued by manufacturers.

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